Believer or Not, I’m Flying Rightnow

Don’t you know guys?

I’m Flying now…

I can decrease my weight significantly…..

I have a couple of virtual wings.

so, I can fly…

Saying hello to plane passenger…

Racing with a boeing…

Making some acrobatics as Tricolora armada

Higher than your imagination….

I’m be able to go out from the atmosphere

But, Surprise!!!! I’m breathing well…


Some astronaut shocked realizing my present in ISS

I’ll pull out Spangled Banner belonging to U.S, I ‘ll change it “Sang Pusaka Merah-Putih”.

I should visit Mars, I’m holder of horse racing there…

with tittle : Earth Human VS Mars Settler

I make some M.O.U with them…

to refuge there when old earth is disable to live there.

I ‘ll make a vacation ti the Andromeda..

with my beloved one.. when anyone couldn’t disturb us….

I ‘ll go to “The Center of Galaxy” and shout ” I got 97 in my Bahasa…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I ‘ll recite Adzan there… to Inform to the universe that Allah Ta’ala is the only one god in this world.


27 May 2016


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