“although it’s hard, i ‘ll be the first to say that i was wrong…” that’s bruno mars lyrics, it’s also word i gonna say to u. coz i have loved u, i’m tying to forget u, it’s almost succesful.

But Satan does’nt leave the human to do kindness, he ll try everythings to bring human to his last destination (hell). Why everydays i must see u, i did’nt mean to do it, but it happens everydays.

i dont know who plays in this situation god or devil, i’m trying to forget everything about you, but why i must see you every days, to be honest i’m sick….

why i must see u in stairs, in the way, in the mosque, in the hall, in the way, and every conditions…

what is that? are we chosen to be couple? it think no.

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